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Blue Sun Automation as an elite partner of Schneider Electric  and  the sole service centre of Schneider Electric ITB in Cyprus owns huge experience in design, deployment  and implementation  of critical facilities infrastructure such as UPS systems,  precision cooling, Data Centres etc. For more than 15 years, Blue Sun Automation has successfully delivered critical infrastructure solutions and projects for various customers in EMEA.

Recently Bluesun Automation design, built and install a prefabricate shore connection Container Power box, named “Shore Connect 250KVA/500KVA” to fulfil the needs, for a frequency converter, of Limassol Port.  The solution was implemented for Cyprus Port Authority and Ministry of Defence.

3D CAD tools were used during the design phase to ensure a smooth and problem free implementation. The time schedule till the delivery, as a turnkey solution, on site was only 3 months.

An important parameter and a customer requirement were the transportation of the “Shore Connect” to any remote site / seaport within few days. This parameter is fully satisfiedwith “Shore Connect’.

Prefabricated, easily transported Containers, address the challenges of deploying critical infrastructure like datacentres, control centres  or specialized equipment room (i.e. frequency converters, command centres) in:

  1. Remote sites, industrial environments,
  2. Sea and Air ports
  3. Locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist.
  4. Forward operating military base, Oil and Gas
  5. Telecom hub
  6. Fast track Projects

There are 3 main categories of prefabricated containerised modules:

  1. IT modules
  2. Cooling Modules
  3. Power modules

IT Modules include all necessary Rack, and Utility systems that allow IT equipment to be installed and operate securely, efficient, uninterruptable resolving latency and bandwidth issues by locating them next to your operation.

Cooling Modules and Power Modules are mainly for the support of IT Modules in an efficient, effective and efficacy way.

Any type of combination of the Modules can be used to achieve the desire result depending on the needs e.g. a all in one Module to a Prefabricated Data Hall.

 As prefabricated containerized modules are pre-engineered and pre- fabricated you canbenefit form:

  • The simplicity of an easy-to-deploy solution
  • Elimination of risks
    Flexibility to change and growth based on your demands
  • Physical security of critical equipment
  • Sooner realization of revenue by quick deployment
  • Remote areas installation with limited or no construction support.
  • Free valuable space for core business

Prefabricated data centres are a new way to do data centres. In few weeks’ time customers can address their needs under a state of peace of mind.

Our Offer

Blue Sun Automation, based in Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, an experienced partner designing, deploying implementing and installing Data Centres and Critical Infrastructure in SE Mediterranean  with specialized engineers, internal  UTI accredited Tier III designers can assure the successful delivery of any project, including containerized infrastructure solutions.

Pre-engineered and Factory Assembled

We ensure risk elimination of our containerized infrastructure solution due to our quality control methodology and use of specialized 3D CAD tools that allow us to predict, pre-recognize and solve any factor that could harm or delay the manufacturing phase. This take place in a controlled environment resulting in an outcome with improved reliability, efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Easy Fast Deployment

The container and the various modules will arrive onsite prefabricated and ready to install. Therefore, cost and time of deployment is significantly reduced.

Scalable and Flexible design

Prefabricated modules can be easily expanded and provide scalable growth based of initial design, on a “Lego” philosophy.

Data Centre Expert monitoring software Preinstalled

Blue Sun Automation usesIndustry proven DCIM software, , that provides real-time monitoring, user-defined reports and graphs,  fault notification and escalation of critical infrastructure events. The software comes pre-installed in the prefabricated container aiming to significantly reduce on site configuration and troubleshooting cost. 

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