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Situation Management

Know what’s happening and what to do

Most enterprise’s control rooms are getting a massive amount of information coming, and every connected system is sending incidents alarms and events. Many people are involved, and procedures and standards have to be followed. Using correlation patterns we can prioritise the most important ones. There are also complience procedures and sometimes post investigations. Every year new systems and new procedures are added.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution you can handle this. We offer you the number 1 ranked best PSIM solution year after year.

A clear view

Think of physical security information management (PSIM) as a layer that sits on top of all of your other security systems and other systems sensors. His job is to organize, analyze and manage all of the information the systems can produce. Instead of having tens, maybe even hundreds of systems to manage, PSIM integrates everything into a single, centralized view. It gives you the big picture, along with all the important details.

  • for your Security operations
  • for your Maintenance operations
  • for your Critical Operations such as availabilities and priorities
  • for upcoming potential failures or accidents
  • for Crisis Management

Situational awareness

PSIM+ information management software makes sense of all the data coming into your control room. It brings greater awareness of what is happening and it does so sooner. That means you can respond faster and more effectively. You’ll know who to send where, how many of them, and make sure they have the right equipment. It helps you to more efficiently use your resources with:

  • Effective collaboration and communication
  • Better utilization of existing systems
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