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Security Systems Integration

Increasing incidences of crime and terrorism worldwide have impacted the dynamics of the global physical security market. These security threats across the globe have raised several challenges for organizations, which influence them to adopt and implement several security measures. Moreover, technological advancements have impacted the current market dynamics, with the adoption of cloud-based security systems.

The significant increase in incidence of terrorist attacks on government organizations, enterprises, and critical infrastructures in recent years have driven companies and governments to implement robust physical security strategies. Critical infrastructures, such as banks, trade centers, data centers, power and energy generation plants, enterprise facilities, railway stations, and airports, have increased spending on physical security technologies and solutions. Physical security also ensures proper functioning in manufacturing industries by preventing accidents on premises and loss of work hours.

Most countries across the world are now adopting physical security solutions in public places, such as airports, shopping centers, government headquarters, and important landmarks, in order to stop growing terrorism. Physical security has also evolved from simple measures (such as analog cameras) to IP-based cameras and other advanced solutions such as biometrics and full body scanners. These factors have led to the rapid growth in the demand for physical security solutions.

Cyprus security business is growing. Blue Sun Automation is focusing on customers who require reliable security systems such as corporate customers, airports, financial institutions, governmental departments . We believe that BLUESUN engineering and through our partnership with leading vendors, we are able to serve our customers with state of the art solutions.

By working closely with customers so as to analyze their true needs, partnering with world-class vendors, and continually investing in personnel training on breakthrough technologies, BlueSun became a leader in its field within only a few years and successfully executed complex physical infrastructure projects.

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